Meet the Designer

“Creating beautiful jewelry is peace to me. It’s my relaxation and I never seem to have enough time for it. Whether designing a statement piece, or one that will be loved and worn everyday, it’s the greatest feeling to know that it will make someone happy for years to come.”

Jonathan never planned on being an artist. In fact, becoming one was a bit accidental. As a child he loved to draw and build toys out of wood. But his first experience working with metals would be on F16‘s with the U.S. Air Force in Germany. While overseas, Jonathan traveled throughout Europe visiting museums whenever he had the chance; and his love of art was born.

During his Junior year in college Jonathan decided he wanted to take just one class that could provide a break from his studies in political science. After being turned down from a woodworking class, he found himself fortuitously in a metalsmithing class that would prove to be a life changing event for him. Jonathan later went on to graduate school where he received his formal training as a goldsmith.

After leaving school, Jonathan would spend the next four years as a firefighter in one of the Chicago suburbs. It was during this time that he honed his sense of design and fashioned his first collection of jewelry. And in 2004, at Jonathan’s inaugural event, he would win the People’s Choice Award .

Jonathan’s collection is comprised of pieces hand-crafted in high-karat gold. Each piece offers a deep rich color and creates a strong visual contrast between the gold and the gemstones that embellish it. Jonathan incorporates an ancient goldsmithing technique called granulation in his jewelry. With this process, each piece is adorned with tiny gold grains creating patterns and a visual depth otherwise unattainable.

“The result is dramatic and can vary depending on the time of day, the position of the sun, or the lighting in any particular room”

In 2014, Jonathan was awarded first place in the prestigious Spectrum Awards for his Blue Waters necklace. He sees the creation of his signature pieces as lending a certain freedom and simplicity to life that turns the whole notion of work into one of passion and desire.